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(updated 17 February at 06:54)
  • 1. The Academy at Harewood Downs Golf Club is intended to provide a stepping-stone to full membership for those who would like to join the Club but do not yet meet the Club’s handicap criteria, i.e. 24 for men and 36 for women.
  • 2. Places in the Academy are limited and if an Academy Member does not show sufficient potential or commitment, the Club is under no obligation to extend membership of the academy into a second year. Unless exceptional circumstances apply, a person may be a member of the Academy for a maximum of 2 years.
  • 3. To join the Academy an individual must obtain and complete an application form and pay the subscription. The subscription for a full year is, currently, £375 (i.e. 25% of the full subscription). A person joining part-way through a year will pay £375 in their first year. To reflect the part of the year in which they were not a member, a pro rata reduction will be given in Year Two or as a deduction from the entrance fee when they join as a full member. Upon payment of the subscription, an Academy member will be provided with a club card which will attract the current level of discount upon purchases from the bar and restaurant.
  • 4. Academy members are not allowed to play on the golf course until the Professional is satisfied they are ready. To this end they must first have a FREE lesson with the Club Professional to enable that assessment to be made. It may well be that the Professional will recommend further lessons or that the applicant will request these. Until the time that their playing on the course is approved, Academy Members may use the practice ground. Lesson fees are paid to the Professional.
  • 5. Once given permission to use the course, Academy Members can play only at quiet times – they must familiarise themselves with, and adhere to, the Rules of the Club and the Rules and etiquette of golf. Academy Members must always give priority to others on the course.
  • 6. Guests of Academy Members do not qualify for the member’s guest rate.
  • 7. In addition to other play, Academy Members will be invited to take part in monthly ‘roll-ups’ with other Academy Members and Club volunteers – it is important that you attend these events.
  • 8. An Academy Member must lodge scorecards with the Secretary after every round of golf, to enable the Club to monitor progress towards full membership.
  • 9. When the Secretary is satisfied that you can meet the handicap criteria, he will invite you to apply for full membership. Applications will be dealt with in accordance with Club Rules and will involve a ‘play-in’ and interview.
  • 10. An Academy Member will receive a £250 reduction on the joining fee upon being successful in joining the Club as a full member.
  • 11. Academy members are encouraged to attend any Club social events.

Club Secretary Richard Hall
01494 762184

Academy Coordinator Rob Milliner
01753 883380

Club Professional
Geoff Morris
01494 764102

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