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And so the first fifty years of the Club’s history comes to a close. One common theme of this most interesting Club is that, throughout these early years there were continuous financial difficulties, with insufficient membership to cover the costs. Even in the final three of the fifty years – 1955, 1956 and 1957 small losses were recorded each year whilst full membership languished around 150.

Harewood Downs history image: Harewood Downs Golf Club - The Early Years.
Author: Malcolm Barker

The Board thought it might help to give the Club a more local image when, in 1955, the proposal was put forward to change its name to “The Chalfont & Amersham Golf Club”. This proposal was rejected at the following AGM.

But Harewood Downs did thrive and magically it has protected and enhanced its great reputation as a truly successful and friendly club. The most significant event in the following fifty years occurred in 1972. All the shares then owned by non-members, notably descendants of past members, were bought back by the Club so that it became, for the first time, a club fully owned by its members. The members owe much to Clive Le Neve Foster and others for their great efforts in bringing this about.

There is much more to be said about the Club and its gradual evolution but it has to be the “Early Years” which remain the most colourful and interesting. Any “history” can never be fully up to date, so it was thought better not even to try. However, there are stories to be told about some of the Club’s early Secretaries, Professionals and staff members from both Greens and House. Also how the course evolved over the years will be of interest to many. As they straddle the different eras described in this history, it was thought that continuity would best be served by affording them two chapters of their own, with which this story ends. These are contained int the book itself.

Copies of the book are available from the Office priced at £10