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The Clubhouse in the Early Years

The Clubhouse circa 1929 image: The Clubhouse circa 1929

The top picture is a view of the Clubhouse that appeared in a Club booklet dated 1929. The building appears to be unchanged from the photograph taken in 1908. There was no road in front of the building – the access to the parking area on the right hand side being around the back of the building.

We get an interesting insight into the Club layout in 1919 from the detailed inventory taken on June 24th of that year. It lists the following areas:

Ground Floor: Veranda, Entrance Hall, Men’s Locker Room, Bath Room, Lavatories, Smoking Room, Drying Room, Dining Room, Bar, Steward’s Private Sitting Room, Entrance Lobby to Ladies’ Room, Ladies’ Room, Kitchen.

First Floor: Secretary’s Room, Bedroom No 1 (Right), Bedroom No 2, Large Bedroom, Large Front Bedroom, Bathroom.

Outside: Professional’s shop, W.C., Stable, Cart shed, Coalhouse, Chaff House, Motor Shed, Chauffeurs’ Shed, and finally, the Boot & Knife Shed!

The Dining Room circa 1929 image: The Dining Room circa 1929

No lounge is mentioned and there was no snooker room or table listed in the inventory. The Smoking room was originally for men only. It was minuted in May 1910 that “The question of ladies using the smoking room was deferred for future consideration”. However further consideration must have prevailed as, at the General Meeting held in July 1920, Mr Gedge said he “hoped that further accommodation might be found in the Clubhouse, pending which the Bridge Players shall realise that they, perhaps unconsciously, monopolised the smoking room”. The Card room was mentioned in 1929 suggestions.

The ladies changing rooms were in the current kitchen area and upstairs there were four bedrooms and the Secretary’s office. One of these bedrooms was referred to as the Bachelor’s room (presumably for casual overnight accommodation); the Steward and Stewardess and other household staff used the others.

Harewood History

Both dining room and lounge only extended towards the course as far as the existing pillars. Beyond the pillars in our current dining room was a veranda. There was an entrance lobby in which some lockers were situated.

During the 1939 – 1945 war a billiard table was loaned to the club by Firmin Le Neve Foster and this was housed in what we now know as the lounge. The table was returned to him after the war and there was a period when the current lounge became the dining room and vice versa. On this later picture, which is called “the Lounge” in the booklet, a door has been added for access to a very small lounge created for the ladies. There is a sign over the door reading “Ladies’ Lounge”. This door is now the main entrance into the kitchen area; the subject of major changes some years later.