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Clive Le Neve Foster (1917 - 1984)

Clive Le Neve Foster image: Clive Le Neve Foster

Clive Le Neve Foster was a member of Harewood Downs Golf Club for 57 years between 1927 and 1984, starting his golf at the age of ten. As well as an enthusiastic golfer he actively participated in the social and management affairs of the club. He joined the Board of Directors in 1964 and was Captain in 1967. He was Chairman of the Board from 1970 to 1975.

During the period of his chairmanship, Clive and other were very concerned about the future ownership of the club as the shares were almost entirely owner by people who were not members. Under Clive’s leadership, a project was initiated to revitalise the club and a fund set up to finance the purchase of shares held by non-members. Many of the shares were held by trustees and Clive used his skills as a leading London solicitor in negotiating with them on behalf of the club. Because of the large sums involved many members made substantial loans to the club to help the project proceed.

In 1972, as soon as the majority of shares had been bought in, Harewood Downs Golf Club Limited was able to adopt new articles of association which empowered the Board to refuse the transfer of shares to any person who was not a member. Under this new status the ownership of the club was effectively transferred to its members, each member, as now, being required to purchase a stipulated number of shares as a condition of membership.

Clive and the members of his board will be long remembered for all the work they did to make our club the membership club that it is today. Shortly before he died in 1984 Clive Le Neve Foster was granted Honorary Life Membership of Harewood Downs in recognition of his exceptional services to the club.


Alfred Lyttelton QC (7 February 1857 – 5 July 1913)

Alfred Lyttelton QC image: Alfred Lyttelton QC

Lyttleton was a British politician and sportsman who excelled at both football and cricket. During his time at university he participated in Varsity Matches in five sports: cricket (1876–79), football (1876–78), athletics (1876) (he was selected to throw the hammer), rackets (1877–79) and real tennis (1877–79), displaying an ability that made him arguably the pre-eminent sportsman of his generation; his only rival in terms of versatility was Oxford's Cuthbert Ottaway. He was, among numerous other achievements, the first man to represent England at both football and cricket. Lyttelton was also a successful politician and served as Secretary of State for the Colonies between 1903 and 1905.