Dress Code

Harewood Downs Dress Code and Mobile Telephone Etiquette

On the golf course, Harewood Downs Golf Club asks members, their guests and visitors to observe standards of dress consistent with the traditions and conventions of the game of golf, whilst taking account of current golf fashion. For the avoidance of doubt, this means appropriate tailored clothing.

In the clubhouse,  smart, clean, casual attire and footwear are appropriate at all times, unless otherwise stipulated. Clean un-spiked golf shoes are permitted throughout the clubhouse.

Mobile phones may be used on the course in the event of an emergency only.  Off the golf course calls may be made in the members entrance hall, the changing rooms and in the car park only. All audible ring or alert tones must be switched off at all times.

The responsibility for the interpretation, implementation and compliance with these guidelines rests with the General Manager, whose discretion may be used at any time and whose decision as to whether something is appropriate or not is final.  In his absence, that responsibility falls to his delegated staff, the Club Professional or any Officers of The Club. 
Members are responsible for their guests' compliance with the guidelines